Thor Love and Thunder

Have YOU seen Thor Love and Thunder yet?!

We had a date night to see it because we couldn’t make it on Wednesday or Thursday 😱 and I was soo excited to finally see it 🤗! I (again) accidentally booked the seats that feel like you’re in the movie (they move around with the movie) and in 3D (I was only paying attention the Date/time and approximation to the screen 😅. We got our snacks (nachos) and drinks (frozen margarita and Icee Coke). And we were ready! The trailers were pretty exciting, I’ve added a few “must see” to my list. As soon as the movie started, I knew I was going to love the soundtrack. It was such a fun movie, got me singing along the whole time! So much girl power too 🙌🏽! I really loved seeing Thor 😍 all parts of it 😅!

Cheers with my husband right before Thor Love & Thunder begun

My husband, however, who is a huge superhero fan, thought Thor Love and Thunder was too much of a comedy for a Superhero, “it almost felt like a Paradoy of a Superhero movie”. According to him, Thor has been made a mockery and they took it a little too far. I on the other hand, LOVED it!!! The soundtrack is now on my playlist because I was really feeling all the songs (singing along to all my favorite Guns N’ Roses tracks)! It had Girl-Power moments and very emotional sequences. I was in tears in a few scenes and I’m not going to give any spoilers away this time but just know, I did need a tissue a few more times than I thought I would 😭.

Mami, go and watch this one, you’re not going to regret it. Have an open heart and go along for the fun ride!

When you go see it, let me know what you thought.

See you at the movies!


LA Mami,

Julie López

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