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Last weekend we went back to one of our favorite theaters, Cinepolis in Pico Rivera, CA but this time, with the whole family! Grandma, Grandpa, us and the kids got to enjoy Minions:The Rise of Gru! We had been there for date nights but always wanted to go back and try it with the kids after we found there is a “junior” screening room. This is a screening room for families with children. There is a toddler play area s and a bigger kid play area (jungle gym type). Both Jason and Stacy had a blast before the movie. Then, halfway through the movie, there was a 10 minute intermission, perfect timing for potty breaks and snack refills and to get the wiggles out! The kids played a bit and then the last part of the film played.

They definitely thought of everything and kept the kids in mind at all times. Usually when you go to a movie theater, the temperature is pretty cold and you have to take a jacket just to watch the movie comfortably. At the Junior screening room, they keep the temperature just right and the volume of the screening is also kept to a level the little ones can tolerate. You really get to enjoy a movie with the whole family, and if your kid cries, its ok, we are all on the same boat Mami!

Join us at the Junior screening room at Cinepolis, Pico Rivera, CA

Something else you will find pretty amazing is that you can reserve a regular theater seat or lounge-like chairs right in front of the play area or beanbag-family chairs right behind. They also have accessibility and if you order food, it gets delivered to the comfort of your seats! Now, I have shared before about the food selection at the Cinepolis in Pico Rivera and although the menu has definitely changed a bit, they still have a lot more options than your regular theater-menu. Grandpa got a Michelada and he really enjoyed it. We ordered loaded nachos, fish and chips, chicken tenders, fries, Icee, pizza, chocolate covered almonds and of course Popcorn. If you go with your kids, I recommend you get them the kid special, this time it was Minions themed and it includes the popcorn and drink. They also have refills for your drinks, but make sure you ask since the menu items do change.

We will be coming back with Grandma, Grandpa and the grandkids to watch movies here, we found our multi-generational movie theater near home! Let me know when you go too! And if you are wondering which movie to watch this weekend, how about Minions?! It was fun for the whole family and the music had me dancing in my seat.

See you at the movies!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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