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Summer is officially here and we are ready to soak in the sun with some fun in the Water Park to keep cool! LEGOLAND California Resort invited us to experience everything they have to offer this summer and we had a great time exploring for the very first time! There was fun for my 6 year old and my almost 2 year old! They had us running around getting out steps and workout in for sure! The whole family enjoyed the live performances and the fun family-friendly rides! It was nice to be ale to get on rides as a family on most of the attractions. We wanted to stay in the resort, but it was sold out (make sure to book your getaway well in advance before they are sold out). Although we didnt stay in the resort (it includes delicious buffet breakfast) we were able to book a buffet reservation before the park opened to get the whole experience in. The restaurant, Bricks Family Restaurant, caters to the kids and its great! As long as the kids are happy and actually eating, we are happy. Jason, our almost 2 year old has so many allergies and I was incredibly grateful that the chef came to our table to discuss his allergies and came back with a special plate that took them into consideration, it was great (tears in my eyes) the first time we are out in a restaurant that Jason gets to enjoy something so simple as pancakes with the rest of us! Jason and Stacy really enjoying their breakfast really filled my heart, its always such a challenge. The park opens an hour or so earlier if you are staying in the resort, we used that time to finish our breakfast and take some photos, as soon as they opened, we went right in and were welcomed by a fun dance party!

Jason and Stacy danced their little hearts out and we had a huge smile on our faces (proud parents). It was so refreshing to be outdoors with the kids (Jason hardly ever went out since he is a 2020 baby) and we were happy to be somewhere catered to him and Stacy. For the most part, we enjoyed LEGOLAND all 4 of us as a family but there were some rides baby Jason was too small for and thats where Daddy and Stacy got to enjoy while Jason and Mami explored the park together (mostly me chasing after Jason running around the whole park with a huge smile and screaming of excitement). We enjoyed a yummy lunch and I love how they keep food allergies top of mind throughout the park and food options (by noting what the ingridients are). As soon as we finished our yummy lunch (burgers and fries) we went to see the LEGO® Friends Beach Mission where Stacy sang and danced her little hear out! She was so excited for the meet and greet after and I was so happy seeing how kind and encouraging the preformers were, thank you!

After the show we went to the much anticipated NEW LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction! Stacy got to make a lego race-car and then got to race it at the various tracks! We also got a close-up of the lego Ferrari!!!! This was my favorite part (Mami loves fast cars)!

We got to see a fun performance by the band just outside of the NEW LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction and then we headed to test our luck at the various carnival games,Stacy won a couple of stuffed animals and Daddy won a few more for her (its quite exhilarating)! Jason and I cheered them on while I ate the popcorn and slurpee (if you get a soubenier cup, you can pay the difference and upgrade your beverage). Then, it was time to visit the water park and we were right in time! Pro tip: if you are visiting both parks the same day, go ahead and rent your day locker as early as possible to avoid lugging around all the towels and bathing suits. We did an outfit change and headed to the Water attractions! Stacy jumped right in, Jason needed a little encouragement. We did visit right before summer officially started, which meant that some of the attractions we were looking forward to were not quite ready yet (I guess it means we shall visit again soon). Nonetheless, we had a blast (the kids especially). I cant get over how family and kid-friendly LEGOLAND California Resort is and cant wait to go back!

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LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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