Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Date night last week was opening night of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness at Cinepolis, Pico Rivera and it was one for the books!!!

If you are already a Doctor Strange fan, I can only assume you already went to see it on opening weekend and I’d love to know what your thoughts are. If you are a Marvel fan or a Comics fan overall, this is your movie to go see NOW! First of all, I must say that it makes a HUGE difference where you go watch it. Make sure it is a nice comfy theater or better yet, go watch it in 4DX and get the full experience! We were invited to Cinepolis in Pico Rivera and it was the perfect place to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!

We got to see it in their 4DX theater and we were part of the movie! Before we go into details about the movie without any spoilers, may I suggest that it is just as important the theater experience as having the right snacks to accompany during your movie-watching experience. There are probably only a couple of theaters around here that I have personally tried and I can honestly say I enjoyed the food as much as going to a restaurant versus your typical theater-food. Nothing wrong with just popcorn and an Ice however, I was impressed with the selection and quality of the menu at Cinepolis in Pico Rivera. We couldn’t make up our mind and I am happy we got there early to eat a bit before the show (bumpy ride). Here is what we ordered and a bit about each item (there is so much more thought, I think I need to go back…hint, hint…):

  • Fried Cheese Bites- these are now officially my favorite!
  • Nacho Supreme- sooo good, restaurant quality!
  • Tajín Chicharrones- they were so fresh, crunchy and full of flavor, I even took some home to share 😅!
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich – it comes with fries and the fries were good, the sandwich, not so much but thats ok because everything else was amazing!
  • Margarita for LA Mami!
  • Icee With free unlimited refills, we like CocaCola Icee!
  • Churro Donut with Ice Cream – need I say more? Finger-licking good!

Now, without so many spoilers (can I even talk about the movie without giving spoilers?)…

We are comics fans here so we tend to watch all Marvel movies on opening weekend and whenever possible at the Theater, we are all about the Theater experience. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a rollercoaster ride and I am not just saying that because we watched it in 4DX, but it was a trip! There was never a dull moment and I really liked the creative story-line. I am also a fan of Elizabeth Olsen’s character, Wanda Maximoff and really enjoyed watching WandaVision, though not necessary to have previously watched the show, it certainly made you feel like an insider knowing the backstory and her motives. I also think that Mother’s Day weekend was the perfect weekend to release this movie, I really connected with the main character and her motherly-instinct of doing whatever it takes to protect her children (though I will not go into details). Another thing I really liked is the new super-hero introduction and having her speak Spanish and super proud of her being of Mexican-descent. I felt like I was with her going through it all and I probably shouldnt elaborate a lot more but I was super excited when characters from other franchises showed up!!!

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness gets 5 out of 5 stars in my book and most definitely leave the kids at home for this one, not made for kids.

What did you think about it?


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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