Spring is in the Air

Love is in the air! I love springtime, the flowers, the pastels, the dresses and the beautiful sunny days (although April-showers is upon us) and the Long Beach Grand Prix. For the month of love, I had the opportunity to drive a car that i absolutely fell in love with, the 2022 Corvette Stingray Coupe 2LT!!! If you have followed my previous blog (before kids from the 2009) or know me from my college years, then you probably already know I love sports cars and I have been loaned sports cars to test drive for many years, this would be the first sports car loan now that I am a mother of 2 and let me tell you, that feeling and adrenaline rush i used to get, came back by just turning the engine on! Here is another anecdote, I love full-electric cars (our lease for that one already expired) because of the torque power (is it called that in electric cars too?) however, the vroom you get and having the whole car rumble when it starts, is something that can only be with a gas-powered engine. I am so excited to share the lovely memories made during my week with the 2022 Corvette Stingray (sigh). In case you were wondering, the corvette has a Fuel Economy & Greenhouse Gas Rating of 4.

Firstly, I had to take full advantage and was taking my zoom calls, doing my social media updates and just relaxing in the Corvette. We also had fun dates and the Corvette made it all that more special!

LA Mami, Julie has a new office location!

As many of you are too (especially during the pandemic) I am a full-time working from home mom, which means that the lines of the “stay-at-home” duties and the “working-mom” duties are blended and keeping up with everything can be very exhausting, so it was nice to be able to take off for some alone time to drive around town.

Evening drive in the LBC.

We had a lovely date in Downtown LA for brunch and the drive there was full of traffic, but because I was in such a comfortable and powerful ride, it did’nt even bother me! Usually, my anxiety starts getting the best of me when I am 15-minutes in to a drive anywhere near Downtown LA, this time however, it was long yet pleasant. Of course, the Bose performance series 14 speaker audio system helped.

LA Mami, Julie driving through DTLA!

Drive-in movie is a must in the corvette, to take full advantage of the sound system.

Date night was also a lot of fun driving through Downtown Long Beach and Blemont Shores!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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