Everything you need to know about the Bridgerton Experience

Yesterday, the Queen herself invited and hosted us at her ball in Los Angeles! The Bridgerton Experience at the Biltmore Millennium Hotel, was everything I hoped for and so much more. If you are a fan of the hit Netflix series, Bridgerton, then you are going to love everything about the Bridgerton Experience. If you haven’t yet begun to watch the series, get started with your binge-watching, season two was just released this past Friday! I myself haven’t finished my season two binge but almost there! I wanted to get as much in as possible before the big day.

When we arrived at the Bridgerton Experience, we were asked to provide proof of our vaccinations and although most of the staff wore a mask, they were optional for guests. The moment the doors opened and we stepped in, it was as though we were on the set of Bridgerton and all the supporting characters were playing their roles to perfection. We walked through a beautiful and magical lily colored flower tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel, we were handed a Lady Whistledown paper to catch up on all the scandals. There were boutiques to complete our looks and some very Bridgerton-worthy keepsakes and memorabilia. We continued the walk to the grand ballroom, we also got to see beautiful displays of set costumes and my favorite gowns from the show! The bar was decorated with beautiful florals everywhere, including flowers hanging from the ceiling. They had a selection of featured cocktails, I ordered the “DIAMOND of the Season” and it was delicious! The cocktail had tanqueray London dry gin, lemon juice, honey syrup, hibiscus blueberry tea and lemon.

There were some great photo ops throughout the experience including a “painting” that we were able to instantly download with a QR code provided once you revealed the painting on the digital screen.

While we were waiting in line to get our portraits, the arrival of the Queen was announced and my heart started racing, I was truly submerged in the experience and absolutely excited to see her royal arrival. It was all so grand and when we went to bow to the queen, I was quite nervous and did more of a curtsy. It was announced that the Queen would be in search for her Diamond of the evening, so as she walked around to examine the candidates, I hurried the husband away so that I could be considered, it didnt work though. The room was full of eligible Diamonds and it was so fun to see when the Queen finally selected her Diamond of the evening (towards the end), it was a beautiful announcement full of spark. We were then escorted to the grand ballroom to get the ball started. We danced and then there was a beautiful performance depicting a love story. It was interrupted however, by a bee (season 2 spoiler so I will not go into much more detail). The bee gave a fun performance and then we were broken into two groups and taught to dance a fun number together. We were having such a great time, after that, we all danced together. At that point, I was getting tired so we went to the seating area to continue enjoying from a seat. Once the Queen selected the Diamond, it was time to see the conclusion of the love story and the beautiful performance. I couldn’t stop smiling and was happy to see that everyone else was at the same level of excitement, we were all truly enjoying being a part of Bridgerton. When the Experience ended, the modern-day ball begun and we danced our little hearts out! I had not had so much fun since before the pandemic! It was nice to be transported to a magical place like Bridgerton and forget about all of life’s worries for 90 minutes and just be a part of something so magical and fun! My husband was a great sport, he has not yet seen an episode of Bridgeton, however, after attending the experience, he is intrigued.

If you are thinking of attending, get your tickets now HERE, they are selling pretty quickly. Also, I would recommend getting dressed up as if you were going to the actual ball, get into character and have fun! Wear your dancing shoes 😉.

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LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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