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This past year has given us so much to reflect on, the importance of family (or being treated like family) and health. Personally, I have had a year of challenging health conditions and emergency gallbladder removal, my aunty was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she has lived through all the stages and is a survivor! Since she is so far from us, her family, we try our best to support her from afar. However, there is nothing more important than having the care and support of your family. With family so far away, the next best thing is being treated like family.

When I heard about City of Hope in Orange County and their mission of treating their patients and staff like family, I knew I had to share. When you are in a place where they value not just their patients but their employees as well, the level of care is always superior. I felt moved when learning about all the patients and staff alike having such wonderful experiences. I want to share with you one since I have heard about my aunt’s journey and only wished she was close to City of Hope of Orange County so that she could have been treated with great care. 

When learning the story of Sarah Sanders, I only hoped that more women are taken care of with such expertise and care. Sarah Sanders recounts her most memorable moment of her journey being during a follow-up visit with her physician, Wade Smith, M.D., a board-certified medical oncologist at City of Hope Newport Beach Fashion Island. As a breast cancer treatment and research specialist, Dr. Smith performed cutting-edge genomic testing and determined chemotherapy was not necessary. When Sarah received the wonderful news from Dr. Smith, she cried “Dr. Smith represents everything City of Hope stands for.” Sarah is grateful for City of hope’s highly specialized physicians and the breakthroughs they deliver to patients like herself. “I have peace of mind knowing my care is with the institution that’s going to always have the most cutting-edge technology and advanced medical science”. 

With an expanding clinical network throughout Orange County, City of Hope offers unrivaled access to lifesaving cancer care close to more homes in the area. Patients have access to City of Hope experts whose only focus is treating and curing cancer. Orange County residents have access to all this without having to travel far from home for advanced therapies, clinical trials, and precision prevention in early detection resources. 

“At City of Hope, my care went to a level that no one else can match,” Sarah said. “For leading-edge technology and breast cancer expertise that represents the best of the best, City of Hope Orange County is the place to be.”

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