Toddlers learn through play

One thing we learned with Stacy (now 5) is that the easiest way toddlers learn is through play. We try to make playtime educational whenever possible, sometimes they don’t even know they are learning because they are having fun!

Even chore-time is fun/educational time! We make up songs to keep the activity interesting and spark up their imagination. Of course, not everything we do needs to be an educational moment, and so we try to keep things around the house that remind them of what they are learning. A great find is this educational Rug from KC Cubs.

Our now 1 year old, Jason gets exposed to letters, shapes, colors and numbers while he plays! He is starting to recognize different patterns but not quite verbal yet. He does understand when we speak to him in English and Spanish. Stacy helps teach him and they play together on this very fun and educational rug!

I love seeing how the shapes and colors on the rug capture his attention. A Mami win is that it’s super easy to vacuum (the roomba can easily climb on its own). The quality is great for their tons of toys that go on it and for Jason to crawl comfortably!

KC Cubs has many educational rugs to choose from, I couldn’t narrow it down to one but this one was great for my 5 year old to teach our 1 year and play!

What are other fun educational games do you play with your toddlers?


LA Mami,

Julie López

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