Social Blogger Mini-Conference

The very first Social Blogger Mini-Conference took place Friday, July 30th at the fabulous Violet Cactus in Burbank. The Mommy Blogger tribe brought together great panels, vendors and bloggers for an amazing evening! I had the absolute honor and pleasure of hosting and moderating the panels and it was such a rewarding experience. I also learned how to move my blog to the next step.

The first panel was Community-building centered and a common theme was that of authenticity. The panel for Community was made of Veronica Navarro from Real LA Mama, Tracy Fredkin, SoCalMoms and Jennifer Whyte, MomieGo App. You can learn more about them by checking out my previous blog here. Something that all three had in common in building their community following, was that of being true to who they are and sharing very openly to their community. Engaging with their community and being genuine about their intentions. The beauty of this panel, was how different each panelist was and the great tips and experience they were able to share. One thing was for sure however, their community is what made their business grow and what helped them keep grounded.

Following the Community panel, was time for Networking and Social Market! The Violet Cactus is such a fabulous venue, the Social Market looked amazing in the patio. The vendors had the opportunity to chat 1:1 with the bloggers and showcase amazing offerings. We also had wonderful sponsors for the Networking hour from Delicacies Events, Sake One and Donas! Our badges were also pretty neat, we had a code that, after scanning it, would share our social account to make it easy to network, hands free!

After Sake One tasting and yummy treats, we headed back for the Pitching panel. The Pitching panel was made up of Veronica Navarro from Real LA Mama, Tracy Fredkin, SoCalMoms and Kathy Copcutt from BelAirMommie! Some major takeaways we learned from them is the importance of having a couple of Media Kits (one with pricing and one without). Finding contacts via instagram and Linkedin was the best route and always moving the conversation to email. Being clear about what you can provide and always following up! Also, never giving up, you will probably get more No’s than Yes but do not let that discourage you, ever. And be ready to Pivot!

Undoubtedly, all attendees left feeling motivated, energized and ready to apply lessons learned to grow their blogs and social media! It was a wonderful night and can’t wait for the next one!

See you there!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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