The DiscOasis

Have you heard about The DiscOasis?!

The DiscOasis is a music-driven interactive fantasy that invites audiences into a glittering disco paradise for the soul!!!

This event is what we have been waiting for all of 2020 and it’s coming July 16, 2021!!!

DiscOasis will magically spring to life within the lush paradise of the South Coast Botanic Garden. Through art, light, scents, tastes, disco, dancing, and — yes, roller skating! — guests will come together in a utopia of natural beauty and dance their way through a garden of pure rhythm and celebration.

This is my kind of family-friendly place!

Nile Rodgers, will curate the soundscape to this theatrical fantasy as The DiscOasis’ Groovemaster. From the moment you step inside, guests will be surrounded by world-class performers – dressed in dazzling costumes – dancers, roller skaters and DJs, who will bring the magic to life.

The DiscOasis is theater. The utopian space is the intersection of inspiration, innovation, and joy-filled movement; all enriched by the healing power of nature. Guests journey through a variety of environments, where they will be welcomed by mysterious sounds and transported into another world.

Here is what to expect at The DiscOasis:

• Roller Disco – Guests will experience the freedom and magic of roller skating, as they skate and dance along with professional roller skaters and performers styled in fabulous costumes and glitter, throughout the garden, and alongside them in the radiant Roller Disco.
• Bops, blooms, and disco balls – Imagine planting a garden by disco seeds, which burst into dancing flowers!
• Grow, Glow, and Groove Dance Flora – Revelers will express themselves on the oversized “bloom” box dance floor. Its lighting design will pulse to the rhythm’s groove, washing over the surrounding lush floral, as though music is giving life; bringing together healing, and the vital power of community.

The DiscOasis will feature a food and beverage area with a curated selection of food trucks that highlight local cuisines, paying tribute to the iconic snack bar foods found in local roller rinks. Guests can also enjoy charcuterie boards in the designated picnic areas, and a unique menu of mocktails and cocktails will be served as guests enjoy themselves throughout the various activities of the experience.

The charity partner for The DiscOasis is the We Are Family Foundation, a not-for-profit organization co-founded by Nile Rodgers and dedicated to the vision of a global family by creating programs that promote cultural diversity while nurturing and mentoring the vision, talents and ideas of young people who are positively changing the world.

The tickets are on sale from now through the Labor Day weekend! HERE!

See you at TheDiscOasis!


LA Mami,

Julie López

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