Tina Searches for her Dream

Stacy was overly excited when we opened up the package and revealed all the different skin & hair tones on the main character! She was so happy to see a main character that looks like her. She said “Mami, I want to be like her, a ballerina” of course, this was before we read the book and learned that it wasn’t about becoming a ballerina. It was a much bigger lesson that I am happy I got to share with my daughter when we read ‘Tina Searches for Her Dream”. It was a great conversation with my daughter after we read the inspiring book. Stacy’s face lit up as she talked about her dreams and all the things she wants to be when she grows up. She still wants to give the ballerina thing a shot but says that maybe thats just not for her, but still loves dancing. Every parent will love this book and all children will enjoy the story and the beautiful illustrations. Whats best, is that you can select the skin town the main character will have!

Parents, be sure to check out Nancy Ganz’s upcoming 12-book youth literature collection @FeelGoodFables, with the 1st book in the series ‘Tina Searches for her Dream’ launching on March 3rd.

Nancy and the team at Feel Good Fables believe deeply that children need to see themselves represented. Featuring diverse characters throughout, parents have the unique option to select the skin tone of their lead character, Tina, from a deepest, medium, or lightest option. Pre-order or comment and tag a friend to enter in my Instagram giveaway HERE!

If you find yourself searching for ways to help your children cope with complex emotions in a healthy, age-appropriate manner, be sure to check out Nancy Ganz’s @FeelGoodFables, an upcoming 12-book youth literature collection designed to help children be confident in their own skin, become empowered decision makers, overcome obstacles, grow in empathy and appreciation of the diverse world around them and so much more.

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