How to get Santa to call your kids & ask them to behave

A couple of nights ago, Stacy finally got a call from Santa about her behavior needing some improvement to get on his “nice” list! She has been challenging boundaries these days and a call from Santa was just the nudge she needed.

Portable North Pole provides personalized videos and phone calls for the whole family and the message from Santa can be on a variety of topics you select! Soon Stacy will be getting another call from Santa about her behavior improved and to keep it up! 😉

Check out their site, they even have some free options for you to try!

Here is the video of one of the calls Stacy got from Santa, she was so excited!

Merry Christmas!

Hurry! They have a sale for their Magic Pass for only $13.99!!!!

What you’ll get:

– Unlimited access to all Premium videos and calls for unlimited kids New Christmas Eve messages

– New Choose your adventure videos

– New Multi-name videos This year, Santa can s

– The Reaction RecorderExclusive video for the family A

– 1080 HD downloads

– New Calls and video calls from Santa

– New New kids corner app game

– Multi-device scenarios

How do you get your kids to work on their behavior?


LA Mami,

Julie López

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