Maternity Leave Over

Now that I’m back to working full time at home with a newborn and a Preschooler at home, I need all the help I can get! You would think (if you don’t have kids) that it’s work from home heaven but it’s a war zone and I’m the zombie. Thankfully i have help, the husband is in charge while I work and then im un when he works in after I clock out. And my family is always available down the street when I need that extra help (it’s only been two days 🤣).

Either way, i have to strategize and that includes snacks for the kids and for me! Another way in getting help is by making sure I’m eating right, I have a super sweet tooth and absolutely looove chocolate! Good source snacks was here to help and they delivered!! OMG I had to share it with the fam and my daughter, grandma and everyone agreed, they are sooo delicious.

Things I like:

👍chocolate, delicious dark chocolate covered goodness

👍snacks specifically designed toward the times we tend to snack:

😋Morning Jump: gets me going for the busy day, it’s like my second breakfast.

😋Afternoon Boost: for when I’m about to get that second cup of coffee.

😋Afternoon Break: as soon as I’m off work I crave a little sweet reward to get me through the rest of the day of cooking and caring for my family.

😋Evening Chill: if you’re like me, you crave dessert after dinner or shortly after, this is perfect!

Each serving provides a balance of protein, fiber and slow metabolizing carbohydrates that satisfy your appetite without overeating.

I want you to try it too so here is a 20% discount code: 20ALLGOOD valid through 12/25/20.

Purchase here & I will get some credit! Win/win:



LA Mami,

Julie López

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