Collaboration Nation Creates a Resource Portal for Homeschooling

If you haven’t heard, I am a member of Collaboration Nation, whose mission is to Collaborate and unite creators with loyal brands. During these difficult times they wanted to make sure our community had the tools necessary to navigate this new phase of home-schooling our kids.

Collaboration Nation is here because we are better together and that means sharing our knowledge. Recently we joined a zoom call presented by Collaboration Nation and sponsored by KidsEmbrace, Franco Dreams, SunStaches, Bumkins, CozyPhone, Happy Feet, & Silver Buffalo, where they provided us with resources and information Along with a Q&A with members, homeschooling mom of 7 years, Nikki Diaz, as well as Jan Box, who has been in education for 30+ years. They were a wealth of knowledge and summed it all up in a very informative and resourceful blog post through their Resource Portal for Homeschooling: Making a difference with your child’s learning It is a great reminder that “You are your child’s first teacher” and also has helpful info about reading & comprehension with links to great content to encourage reading and discussion.

Another great resource was the partnership with Bumkins, Award-winning bibs, bags & more feat. Harry Potter™️, Hello Kitty®️, Disney, DC Comics, & Nintendo™️ cosponsored by KidsEmbrace, Franco Dreams,ms, SunStaches & Happy Om Yoga. Through this collaboration, Bumkins will be hosting two complimentary virtual sessions on Yoga + Mindfulness for Littles. One of those sessions was last week and it was absolutely wonderful for all the kiddos! Super kid friendly and a great way to introduce yoga and mindfulness to our kiddos. The next free session will be Wednesday, April 8th at 10:00am PST on Instagram Live, so follow and tune in via Bumkins and join us!

Live Yoga Session last week via Instagram

Collaboration Nation has so many more plans for our community to share and connect, like stem box and science projects partnerships along with creators coming together to share with you tips and resources.

Following are great tips from our zoom call to help you improve your homeschooling and gain confidence that you can help your children learn.

Comment below if you have certain concerns or questions that our community can help with, because together we are better! Happy Homeschooling Mami!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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