Homeschooling with Osmo & Free Printables!

During this last month we have been trying out different approaches to homeschooling. My daughter, Stacy is 4 years old and I noticed that we accomplish more when learning is in the form of a game. I am not the best teacher so I was turning to screen time and videos and shows a lot but didn’t feel good about it. We then tried just playing all day but then I still felt she was missing something. We also did a lot of just being present, cooking, cleaning, organizing and she was my little helper counting along the way but that got old real quick. So how do you entertain and teach a 4-year old??? Osmo, that’s how! They truly are the option for interactive, tangible fun learning plus I consider this healthy screen time! We were so excited when Osmo came through the mail right in time for Spring!

If you haven’t tried Osmo, let me tell you what you’re missing out!

Stacy was so concentrated with it from the moment we installed it! It is hands-on, interactive and a fun way to learn! She started with the ABC’S game. I also have the “parents” app installed and know exactly how much time she spent in each activity and what she learned!

Stacy is excited to play her learning game and asks me to set it up for her! It is now a treat for when she behaves! It also gives us peace of mind that her screen time is fun and educational.

And for those of you who are Teachers and need a little help with creating a virtual classroom, Osmo has “Projector“: A Free App to Help Teachers Create An Engaging Virtual Classroom!

Click on the link below for some Easter-themed free printable from Osmo!


A great Easter Basket Addition!

Play Osmo Amazon Target & more!


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