Meal Planning for Busy Moms: 10 Practical Tips to Save Time and Sanity

Are you a busy mami struggling to make homemade, (healthy) meals for your family every day? We have to constantly be thinking about what we are making for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for the whole family! Meal planning and prepping can be a game-changer! Instead of giving in and ordering takeout, why not give meal planning a try? Here are some practical tips to help you get started (I do like takeout or eating out on weekends and on extra long busy days, its called balance):

Meal planning can save you time, money, and sanity. It’s estimated that most Americans spend between 30-43% of their food dollars eating out. By planning your meals in advance, you can avoid the stress of figuring out what to cook each day and reduce the temptation to order takeout. Plus, involving your family in the meal planning process can make dinnertime more enjoyable and help picky eaters feel more invested in the meal.To get started, take advantage of the many meal planning resources available online, such as meal planning templates and pre-made meal plans. With a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make homemade, healthy meals a reality for your busy family.

Here is a month-long meal plan for a family of 4 with easy and delicious recipes for the busy mami:

These meal plans are just a starting point, and you can adjust them to your family’s preferences. You can find more meal planning tips and recipes on some of my favorite recipes and meal-planning blogs here:

5 Easy Family Recipe sites:

Bless This Mess Please is a blog dedicated to wholesome family food

Snug and Cozy Life is a blog dedicated to creating the cozy life you crave.

10 minute dinners is exactly what the title says, great recipe resource.

Same with Easy Family Recipes.

And I left my very favorite for the end, Mama Latina Tips full of my favorite Mexican recipes, a blog run by my dear friend, Silvia Martinez.

Have a favorite recipe site you’d like to share? Comment below! Always happy to add new recipes to the mix!


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