A Daily Harvest Love Story

Hola Mami,

Today I am sharing with you my Daily Harvest Love story, because green is the new pink (for the month of love of course)!

It has only been a month and I am definitely in love with Daily Harvest! I am a work-from home Mami and (basically all the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom, plus the full time corporate job) and sometimes I don’t have enough time to prep healthy snacks and meals. The toughest are the snacks though.

Daily Harvest makes it effortless to get those veggies and fruits in and it’s delicious! They deliver straight to your doorstep and all you have to do is freeze until you are ready to eat. All options I have tried so far are super easy to prepare and the instructions are also pretty easy to follow. Even for those very short 10 minute breaks you may get for yourself throughout the day, is enough to prep and enjoy! Follow my story Highlights on Instagram for my demos on what I have tried so far!

For the month of February, I received Pink “Greens” and fruits, you can place your order conveniently by selecting the items you want and also selecting the delivery date and cadence! Something that really resonated with me was knowing that Daily Harvest makes our world better by using compostable or recyclable packaging, farm frozen food that reduces food waste and transitional organic farming. More companies should also put our planet and future generations at the forefront!

Going through a recent hospitalization recovery from an emergency gallbladder removal and following complications, I have been in continued search for ways to make my eating habits transition easier. I really am lucky to have found Daily Harvest (we found each-other, looove) with their gluten-free, dairy-free and plant based options, it makes it much easier to stick to the diet I need to live “Episode-free” post-op. Daily Harvest has over 100 options for any time of the day and never uses gums, preservatives or artificial anything!

Want to try Daily Harvest ? Use my code: LAMAMILIFE for up to 40% on your first box!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

Daily Harvest

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