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Lately, I have been very focused (have tried my best to be) on eating healthier, due to my recent health issue that seems to keep lingering on. I coincidently was recently introduced to Preg Appetit to help get me on track after having my baby Jason and after emergency surgery, and it was the perfect timing. I had the pleasure of speaking to the founder of Preg Appetit, Dan Caglione, in addition to one of their registered dietitians and he agreed to join us live to chat a little bit more about the idea behind Preg Appetit and what it can offer expecting and new moms!

Dan Caglione started Preg Appetit to give expecting moms healthy and safe recipes to enjoy while being pregnant and beyond. Preg Appetit had their registered dietitians comb through each recipe and make sure they are taking the guessing and stress away from you, the mother to be or new mother. Preg Appetit has gone a step further and now offers one on one Nutrition coaching that caters to each individual’s goals and needs! Dan is a father of four amazing kids, Alexa, Tiffani, Olivia and Michael and loving husband to his amazing, supportive and beautiful wife Daniela and we cant wait to have him join us live on Instagram!

Dan Caglione, founder of Preg Appetit

Join us tomorrow, November 11th at 11am PST for a live chat where you will be able to ask him questions and listen to Dan talk about what are the key things an expecting and new mom should consider when creating their recipes.

I recently had a 1:1 session with one of their registered dietitians and the process was very comforting and easy to set up. The dietitian asked me a few questions about my pregnancy and post-pregnancy along with my current heath condition and goals. Everything is very confidential, just like when you have a doctor visit remotely. She went ahead and developed a plan for me that was easy to follow and allowed for flexibility, it doesn’t feel forced nor like a diet, just keeping a healthy lifestyle above all. The registered dietitian will be sending me the recipes and I cant wait to dig in and report back! In the meantime, I urge to tune in live tomorrow and chat with us!

To learn more about their Nutritional Coaching Membership, head to their web site HERE and follow them on social media HERE!

See you tomorrow!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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