How to level up your picnics

Picnics are not like they used to be, they have leveled up and now they’re a great way to celebrate special occasions outdoors at the beach, park or back yard!

We were recently hosted at a fabulous Picnic overlooking the Long Beach marina and it was amazing!

The team at Playa Picnics thought of everything! The Long Beach Mommy Blogger Tribe had its first event and it was one for the books!

Playa Picnics set up a posh picnic setting for the Long Beach Mommy Blogger Tribe and it also included a cute area for the kids to play with toys and games for them to keep entertained while the moms had a little tea time hosted by Crown and Creme, it was the perfect duo!

Crown and Creme is also Long Beach based and specializes in to-go high tea boxes complete with scones, chocolate dipped Strawberries, mini delicacies and delicious mini sandwiches! It was the perfect way to picnic and I can definitely see this as the new way to celebrate those milestones intimately outdoors!

Events for a leveled-up picnic:

– Anniversary

– Birthday

– Graduatuon

Sweet 16, Quinceañera

– Pet birthday

– Baby Shower

– Gender reveal

– Sip and peek party (new baby arrival)

– 4th of July

– Every single holiday!

– Social club gathering

– High tea

– Valentine’s Day

– Mother’s Day

– Team bonding

– Company picnic

– Wrap party

– Paint class

– Drawing class

– Movie release party

– Launch party

– Wellness retreat

– Workshop

– Seminar

– Networking event

– Recognition event

– Awards event

Pretty much any excuse to celebrate and level up your picnic game!

Comment below what else you would celebrate with a picnic like this?!


LA Mami,

Julie López

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