Holiday List: OSMO Wonderland

We have been big fans of Osmo for a while and now even more so! Stacy loves baking cupcakes and decorating cookies and now we can save all those masterpieces she creates with Osmo! You can also use it to create amazing Masterpieces too!

This year we made gingerbread, snowflakes and Christmas tree sugar cookies. She had a great time baking them but had even more fun decorating them using Osmo!

We used the OSMO Creative Starter Kit gifted to us for this year’s Christmas Cookie decorating! It is appropriate for kids between the ages of 4-10 and honestly, I used it and had a blast!

Check out how Osmo recorded the making of the cookie art for Stacy’s Masterpiece Gallery!

Christmas Cookies with Osmo

Add Osmo to your Holiday Gift List! It helps kids get their creative side going and records a video of it all for a lovely keepsake! You can share this virtual gallery of all the Masterpieces your kids make and not feel guilty when you eat their masterpieces or it’s time to toss all those drawings! You will have them saved virtually forever! What’s best?! The whole family can use it and create everlasting memories keeping your traditions alive each year!

Happy Holidays!

Get yours here: OSMO.

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