Baby Doppler

Recently I had an emergency rush to the hospital for heart monitoring of my baby, it was a very emotional time and I was so relieved when finally, after testing, it was confirmed that everything was ok. Being pregnant during a pandemic has added extra stress to an already emotional journey.

As recommended by doctors, I kept a very strict quarantine that not only I followed, but so did the rest of my family to minimize exposure. Something else that had kept me a bit worried, were all those prenatal appointment cancelations, I understand they are for my own safety but sometimes you just want to know that your baby is ok. I am so grateful that I am now able to listen to my baby’s heartbeat from home.

I was gifted the Baby Doppler Heartbeat Monitor and it has brought so much more ease and peace of mind. It is amazing to hear my baby’s heartbeat each time, it literally brings me tears of joy, especially after that scare we had last week. The heartbeat listener can be used after the 12th week of pregnancy and it gives you that extra reassurance throughout the rest of the 28 weeks!

So happy listening to my Baby’s heartbeat!

Thank you @BabyDoppler! To get yours, click HERE!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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