ROW8 Movie Love Guaranteed & Trolls World Tour

We had a very fun time at the home Movie Release Party for Trolls World tour thanks to ROW8 and their continued efforts to make the at-home movie watching experience as exciting as going to the Theater! 

Stacy excited to start the World Premiere of Trolls World Tour with ROW8!

ROW8 and Collaboration Nation along with their network of influencers helped organize Movie Release Parties at home and we all got to watch together (but each safely at home) the release of Trolls World Tour! It was so wonderful to have the whole family involved and looking forward to the at home release party during the quarantine. ROW8 helped make history with Trolls World Tour, as the first major studio movie being premiered at home! During the premiere ROW8 offered everyone $2 off their first 2 movies, a treat to help during these difficult times!

Stacy prepping with arts and crafts for the at home movie premiere party of Trolls World Tour with Row8

We all banded together with our families to organize a release party full of Trolls inspired snacks, outfits, decor and just overall fun. Among us was Tori Spelling and Lisa Schwartz as well as Jacqie Rivera who all joined in on the fun to help round out a fantastic participation of some of the best Collaboration Nation Influencers, along with some of our favorite Collaboration Nation brand partners, KidsEmbrace, Franco Dreams and SunStaches who shared their Trolls World Tour merch with us all to keep the party going. 

ROW8 separated itself from their competition by stepping way up and offering the most interactive fun in home movie experience using their one of a kind premiere streaming service. ROW8 knows the best way to watch a Movie Premiere at home, is to do it in grand style and giving everyone a chance to have the most family fun possible.  That’s why they decided to call on the most fun influential people who they knew could create wonderful content with the help of these fun family brands. The owners and founders of ROW8, George and Jasmina Christoph, started the idea for the company when they realized they wanted to spend more time with their family and while they traveled and worked it was not always easy to get to the Theatre to see a new movie release. Their solution, let’s bring big Studio Movie releases into peoples homes and their private devises as quickly as possible after the Theatrical release. 

With this new climate we are all living in where big crowds might be a thing of the past, and fun at home needs to be constant, ROW8 has positioned itself to be the premium movie streaming service as they are able to deliver amazing content at an affordable price, and we now know they know how to have fun doing it! Join in all the fun at home with ROW8!

What’s best?! 

On May 15th Row8 and Collaboration Nation will be teaming up again for an even bigger Studio Film Release bringing everyone the best in home movie experience! 

You don’t want to miss this very FIRST full-length animated Scooby-Doo adventure! 

You guessed it, I’m talking about SCOOB! 

Mark your calendars and join in the fun for this family-friendly adventure! SCOOB! trailer

To help you host the perfect at-home family release party of SCOOB go to for SCOOB merchandise from our favorite brands Franco Dreams, SunStaches, Kellogg’s and Basic fun! Make sure to get some goodies and then use the ROW8 movie promo code for $2 off which I’ll share on my instagram profile next week at LAmamiLife (be sure to follow).

Set up your in home movie experience and take a photo and tag @moviesonrow8 for a chance to be featured on their page!

Order exclusive licensed Warner Bros SCOOB merchandise from click, above

Let’s watch together, at home with ROW8! 


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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