Busy Mamis Book Club

Hola Mamis!

Hola Everyone!!!

If you’re like most Mamis, then you’re super busy and your “me time” is usually NO time!

Especially now that we (some of us) are in quarantine at home with our significan others and children all day everyday! Between homeschooling cooking breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner, cleaning, playing with the kids, etc… its like you never get a moment to yourself and just sit and relax with a good book! Well, Mamis, we need to make a little bit of time for ourselves, we deserve it too! Join our BUSY MAMIS BOOK CLUB!!

This book club is for those Mamis that have that long list of books (or stacked books) they have been wanting to get to but always put it off for later and that later, never comes! This book club is at a slower pace than most since we are all super busy being Mamis. We will be selecting a book as a group and deciding what pace is good for all of us to meet virtually a couple of times of month for a few minutes to chat about the book!

We are starting off with Laura Prepon’s You and I as Mothers.

You can get order your copy here:

To join our group, simply request admittance to our Facebook Group here:

Busy Mamis Book Club

Looking forward to reading with you!


LA Mami,

Julie Lopez

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