Game Night

Last night my husband and I got to see Game Night and it was absolutely fun!

Game Night was absolutely entertaining! To see them enjoy Game Night so much and get so into it that they can’t even tell the real from the not so real! The cast selection was perfect too Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman as a couple was very endearing. Sharon Horgan was pretty funny, I loved watching her on the big screen, her British sitcom, Catastrophe was one of my favorite and I binge-watched the first two seasons, can’t wait to watch season #3! Another memorable character was Jesse Plemons’ character, he was sooo creepy and played it so well! I was crying from laughter watching the ridiculous situations they were in and couldn’t even hold it in! A sweet surprise was Michael C. Hall’s appearance really was the cherry on top! I was also a huge fan of Dexter and super sad when it was over. Game Night was fun and there was never a dull moment.

NALIP - Mark Perez

The best part of the night, we got to meet the writer, Mark Perez and hear all about his journey as a writer. It was very refreshing to hear his story, especially because of his sense of humor which he says he gets from his Cuban roots. When asked what advice he would give his younger self, he responded that he wouldn’t change a thing from his past and to “…make mistakes. People will tell you that you will suck but it doesn’t matter. Keep going, just keep grinding”. He went through ups and downs but never gave up and now he is a living example in the Latino community that it is possible to achieve your dreams, even if that dream is to “cheat the system” as he comically described his father’s view of “the American dream”.  It was nice to hear that he is tapping into his Latin for future projects and we can’t wait for it!

Huge thanks to NALIP, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers for putting this special screening together showcasing Mark Perez and his contribution to the industry. NALIP is a great resource for Latino content creators, their mission is to promote, advance and advocate for Latino content creators across media.


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