Ear Piercing Baby Girl / Perforar los oidos de su Niña

Though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I grew up in a predominantly Latino community and thus, with a lot of the cultural traditions. One of those traditions was that a baby girl gets her ears pierced pretty much right after birth and I just assumed it was true for all baby girls, not just Latinas. Something that never dawned on me until after I took my 4 month old to visit some American friends and I mentioned I was waiting a couple of months to get her ears pierced (as to excuse why she didn’t have them pierced already) they were a bit shocked and said I should just wait until she turns 16 or so and have her earn it and make it a day out of it. I then realized that it wasn’t the norm to have baby girls ears pierced before they turn 9 months, at least not in America.

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