LA – Area Pumpkin Patches / Huertas de Calabaza en el área de LA

Fall is my fave’ time of the year, you get to wear the warmer outfits, pumpkin pies are finally acceptable and Halloween is finally here! When I was pregnant with my princess, we went to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch and we had an amazing time picking out our pumpkin for our newly established family tradition of pumpkin patch hunting and pumpkin carving! Now that our princess is here with us, we were excited to take her to the pumpkin patch and have her help select one! Here is an LA-Area of Pumpkin Patches to explore with your little ones! Read More

Ear Piercing Baby Girl / Perforar los oidos de su Niña

Though I was born and raised in Los Angeles, I grew up in a predominantly Latino community and thus, with a lot of the cultural traditions. One of those traditions was that a baby girl gets her ears pierced pretty much right after birth and I just assumed it was true for all baby girls, not just Latinas. Something that never dawned on me until after I took my 4 month old to visit some American friends and I mentioned I was waiting a couple of months to get her ears pierced (as to excuse why she didn’t have them pierced already) they were a bit shocked and said I should just wait until she turns 16 or so and have her earn it and make it a day out of it. I then realized that it wasn’t the norm to have baby girls ears pierced before they turn 9 months, at least not in America.

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